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    Indian Hill Media

  • Emmy Award Winning Sound Services for TV – Film – Web

    Indian Hill Media

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    Indian Hill Media

Indian Hill Media Inc., located in California, operates in diverse areas within the creative and tech industries. Its significant components are:

  1. Mixers Sound: Specializes in post-production sound services for television and film in Hollywood, focusing on sound editing, mixing, and design.

  2. Mixers Music: Dedicated to music recording and publishing, it manages both production and distribution in the music industry.

  3. Mixers American Music Publishing: A full-service BMI-affiliated music publishing company, handling music rights management and distribution.

  4. Mixers Music Works: An ASCAP-affiliated music publishing company, further expanding the corporation’s reach in the music publishing sector.

  5. Smiling Dog Designs: A web development company that emphasizes website creation and management, showcasing skills in the digital and coding realms.

  6. SoCal Hyperlocal News Collection: An online platform aggregating local news for cities across Southern California, focusing on delivering region-specific news content.

Through these entities, Indian Hill Media Inc. demonstrates a comprehensive range of capabilities in audio post-production, music recording and publishing, web development, and digital news aggregation.

Indian Hill Media is a creative services company for Film, TV and the Web. 

Indian Hill Audio/Video was begun in 1982 in Claremont CA. As the services expanded the company incorporated and Indian Hill Media was born. Headquartered in Claremont CA, with studios in Claremont and the Burbank/Noho Studio District, founder Terrance Dwyer continues to move the company forward with new strategies and partnerships.

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